When Queues Become Violent: Safety Tips for Special Queues

It’s not just the rollout of a new Apple product or Black Friday crowds that can result in queue violence. This past spring, a 15-year-old boy from Brooklyn was shot in the foot when he jumped ahead in line outside of a Foot Locker where a long line of excited customers awaited their chance to buy a newly-released Kanye West-designed sneaker.

Because of this act of violence, the store delayed its opening and everyone waited even longer. Queue violence impacts everyone, even those who manage to stay out of the fray.  But what’s more important is finding ways to minimize the risks of violence and resulting injuries.

So how can you make your queue safe during rare promotions, special events, new product releases, or celeb appearances? Be proactive. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Here are some ideas:

Limit the Paparazzi

If the queue forming at your place of business has a celebrity name attached to it in any way, expect that there will be buzz, news vans, rubber-neckers. There will be crazed and rabid fans clamoring for a peek, a touch, a selfie with the celeb. In short, there will be a fuss.Continue Reading