Shop by Appointment? Consumers Say, Maybe So!

Customers today seem to be busier and more time-sensitive than ever. We live by our calendars and that includes figuring out exactly when we can fit in that shopping time. This may translate into a new realm for retailers as customers are starting to explore shopping with precision – that means by appointment.

Shopping “by appointment”–in other words, setting a specific day and time to arrive at a store to receive personal attention from a sales representative–can allow your customers to efficiently fit in shopping on their own time, by their own schedule, while receiving the personal attention they want. Think about how this might work in a jewelry store or when shopping for a new computer, television, or other high-ticket item.

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5 Queuing Solutions Your Customers Will be Thankful for

No matter what the location, long holiday queues can be the least enjoyable part of the whole season. By incorporating a few proven solutions, even with a big turnout you can keep your queue moving efficiently and keep your customers thankful and happy, maybe even coming back for more. Below are some ideas to create and maintain a positive customer experience throughout your queue.

1. Virtual Queuing

What could make your customer more thankful than being able to avoid the physical act of waiting line? Queuing technology today includes virtual queuing solutions where your customers can register for a place in your “virtual queue”, wait where they choose or continue shopping, and receive a convenient ‘call forward’ text or audible signal when it’s their turn to be served. With virtual queuing, customers avoid having to stand in line and gain more shopping or free time.

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Luxury Retailers Take Note: Consumers Want You to Know They’re Coming

Most purchases can now be made online – whenever and wherever. With this on-demand mindset, the in-store experience is transforming too, with a demand for much higher expectations than ever before. For a customer to take their time to physically come into an establishment, they are expecting more than just the opportunity to buy. Customers expect to be treated like a VIP, to be truly served.

For luxury retailers this is great news. Stand out service is the name of the game. So in this case, the convergence of the digital and physical retail worlds is a welcome development. Here the virtual tools for scheduling and communicating can add value before a customer steps foot on site. Once there, service agents can have customer-specific data in hand, present products in the customer’s price range, and desired characteristics. This is not only what the customers want and need, it’s now what they expect.

81% of consumers surveyed for this year’s TimeTrade State of Retail Report would like it if a luxury retailer knew their preferences ahead of their arrival. They would prefer, for example, for a jeweler to be expecting them and know their preferences (such as budget, ring shape, style etc.). This ensures a more personalized and productive experience, making the most of both parties’ time.

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