[Infographic] How Queue Management Technology Improves Customer Service

Your queue is often the last horizon before a customer transitions from your business to whatever is next on their list. A good experience is a must to land your customer relationship on the loyal side. If you miss a positive customer experience here, the risk is not only losing a sale, but a customer, maybe even more than one.

Streamline. Connect. Leverage. Today’s technology assures customers are cared for with respect, convenience, efficiency, and even surprise or delight. Our latest infographic features six top technologies you can use to improve your customer service, more effectively manage your queues, and ultimately improve business results. Perceived wait times drop. Customers relax because they know clearly what is happening when. Customers have more control. Managers have more information. Everybody wins.

Companies with high customer service ratings are on average 12x more profitable than their competition. On which side of the stat are you? Secure your place exactly where you want to be.

Upgrade your queue management systems with today’s top technologies. Here’s how:

6 Queue Management Technologies Every Business Should Consider [Infographic]

A recent study found that half of all customers will avoid a business if they have to wait too long. Thus, the successful management of your queue can translate directly into the success of your business. Today’s technology is available to help you create efficiencies, to enhance the customer experience, and to monitor what is working or not, so your queue can work well for your business and your customers.

Queue management technologies have the built-in power to lower wait times, increase staff productivity, and even rid your business of a physical waiting line. Our newest infographic highlights 6 of our favorite technologies, showing how they work and why you should consider integrating each into your queue.

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3 Categories of Retail Analytics You Should Be Watching

The right retail analytics can be just what you need–actionable data–to help you transform your business into the healthiest profit center it can be. Data can help you understand customers better and make small adjustments to meet their needs. When it comes to your retail queue, tracking and understanding a few key analytics can be a simple 1-2-3 to up-level your service and your profits.

So, what types of queue analytics should you be watching?

1. Footfall Analytics

When you accurately count people and measure traffic trends in your store, you are able to allocate resources for the highest level of customer service. If you know how many people you are serving, when and where, it becomes much easier to manage your store and serve your customers. You can respond immediately as you detect flow and patterns such as a long queue or traffic blockage. This also translates into a great customer experience if a quickly forming line or surge in customers is responded to with additional cashiers or sales people. With powerful analytics, you can optimize staffing to meet customer demands at all times.

2. Shopper Behavior

Do you know where your customers travel in your space? Where they spend their time and how they move about? Monitor movement, direction, and dwell time to help design the most efficient flow and create a superior customer experience. With this information, you can take action to correct flow that causes traffic blockage or maximize promotional opportunities in spaces where customers like to linger. By understanding customer behavior, you can also monitor safety and compliance and manage any unstructured zones.

3. Queue Management

Keep wait times and conversion rates both on target. When you have access to quality real-time data, managing an efficient and effective queue is a breeze. With accuracy, the right retail analytics solution can provide data for wait times, service point utilization, conversion rates, and more.

Quality analytics can help you measure, monitor and predict so you can set and exceed your own performance metrics and business goals.

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