6 Tips to Enhance Passenger Safety and Security


Passengers at airports and other transportation centers want to trust that you have safeguarded the premises and ensured their well-being so they can focus on their travels ahead. Passenger-focused industries can gain the confidence of travelers by maintaining quality queue management practices and outfitting queue areas with tools that enhance security and safety.

Here are six tips to improve passenger safety and security in and around your queues:

1. Create orderly queuing areas.

Disorder is the first sign of a poorly managed queue. Passengers can easily become skeptical that they’re in good hands when there is confusion or clusters of people who are unsure where to be, where to go, or where to wait.

The Lavi solution: NeXtrac gates and rigid rail barriers offer incredible stability, working well to form a queue with a secure perimeter or dividing an open space. These versatile gates and rigid rails can also serve as structural barriers for secure areas or work as partition walls.

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10 Products for a Safer and More Secure Passenger Experience

extra-long portable retractable belt stanchions

When you’re managing queues for an airport or passenger-focused business, you want to be able to live up to passenger expectations with a high-performing queue while also maintaining passenger safety and security.

Here’s a closer look at 10 of our top public guidance and queuing products for transportation. Used alone or in combination, these solutions allow you to create a thoughtful approach to more orderly, established, clear queuing areas that convey safety and security information while enhancing passenger and employee safety.

1. Beltrac® Stanchions and Sign Frames

The industry standard for queues and crowd control, Beltrac® stanchions and sign frames are rugged enough and safe enough to handle the heaviest of traffic. The 4-way belt connection means queue designs can be flexible and easily altered as needed, but the weighted steel base with slotted rubberized feet also provides necessary stability, a priceless amenity for a queue guidance product that is constantly bumped into by harried travelers and their baggage.Continue Reading

The Loo Queue – Minimizing One of the Worst Waits for Ladies


Oh, the dreaded women’s restroom waiting line. As their male counterparts come and go quickly and rarely have to endure a wait, women are unfortunately all-too-familiar with the waiting lines they are subjected to at the mall, a sporting event, concerts, parks, just about everywhere.

The fact is, a woman’s needs require that they spend more time in the bathroom. Studies suggest women take twice as long, on average, in a public restroom.

To combat these lines there has been a movement toward potty parity for women in federal government buildings. And in Hong Kong, laws require more space dedicated to female than male toilets.

Perhaps breaking down walls and building more bathrooms is the ideal solution, but it’s not the most financially friendly. Some engineers are tinkering with virtual-queue-friendly methods that use a Raspberry Pi computer and LED lights to notify people when at least one bathroom stall is free (kind of like the little “occupied” light on planes).

Clearly, many solutions to “loo queuing” will require bathroom redesign or the installation of more stalls. Until bathroom equality truly come to pass (or men’s rooms are better equipped with diaper-changing tables), businesses should consider a contingency plan to minimize bathroom lines for their female customers.

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