Lavi Quick Tips: Stanchions and Freshly Waxed Floors

retractable belt posts

Welcome to Lavi Quick Tips, a series developed to address some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions relating to the use of our crowd control solutions. Our first tip addresses the issue of stanchions leaving a mark on freshly waxed floors. Is it stained? Or is there a solution?

“Your stanchions left a mark on my waxed floors. Now what?”

We have had customers call us saying that their freshly waxed floors have been permanently marked by the feet of their Lavi stanchions. Good news: The mark is not permanent, and there’s an easy way to address this problem.

Here’s what’s going on:

Simply enough, you may have put your stanchions back out on the floor before the wax was completely dry. The posts themselves are not the root of the issue.

The solution:

If your stanchions have left marks on your newly-waxed floors, you must strip the wax and start over. The stain you’re seeing on the floor is embedded in that new wax layer, not on the floor itself. You will see the mark disappear when you de-wax. Then you can re-wax your floors – and resist the urge to put those stanchions out too soon! When you think the wax is dry, wait a little longer for good measure. It will save you the panic that your floor has been marked, and save you the effort of having to wax again so soon.

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