A New Way to Approach Facility Maintenance [Video]

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Studies show that dirty or poorly-maintained facilities turn customers away and lead to negative word of mouth. It pays to invest in maintaining your restrooms, eating areas, and other facilities for optimal cleanliness. But doing so can be a real drain on a wide range of resources—time, money, cleaning products, water, and staffing.

Enter Qtrac iM intelligent facility maintenance.

Qtrac iM is the easy-to-use and affordable demand-driven system that optimizes your maintenance resources by sending personnel where they’re needed and informing maintenance personnel when cleanliness falls out of an acceptable range.Continue Reading

Intelligent Maintenance: A Better Way to Manage Your Facility’s “Dirty Work”

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Whether it’s dirty toilets, lack of toilet seat covers, or empty soap dispensers, a poorly kept public restroom can take its toll on customer satisfaction and your business reputation. A survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that 50 percent of restaurant patrons who had a negative experience with a restaurant bathroom will tell their friends and family about it. And a Clorox survey found that two-thirds of Americans would not frequent any business with a dirty bathroom.

Any business that caters to the public has to put time and energy into their restroom facilities, whether convenience store, entertainment venue, or airport. But how much time? And how much energy?Continue Reading