Intelligent Queue Management: The Case for Caring [Infographic]

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There are many reasons to care about queue management. Your queue (or waiting line) is often the first and last interaction a customer will have with your business for a given transaction. The efficiency and organization of your queue sends a signal to customers about how much you value their patronage and it impacts the quality of their time spent waiting.

It has been reported that businesses in the United States lose an estimated $83 billion in sales every year due to poor customer experiences. On the other hand, companies with a high customer service rating are 12 times more profitable than their competitors, according to PIMS Strategic Planning Institute.

It really does pay to care about your queue.

Our latest infographic looks at how you can improve with intelligent queue management and queue analytics technology. Intelligent queue management gives your queue what it needs by monitoring key performance indicators and ensuring you are “in the know” when it comes to the flow of your waiting lines.

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[Infographic] Using Queuing Analytics Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

intelligent queue management infographic

As someone who manages the queuing process for your business, you are challenged to move customers through the line at an optimal rate and to make the wait more enjoyable—or at least tolerable—for customers.  Queue management is deserving of your attention because it is, arguably, the first and last interaction a customer may have with your business.

Our newest infographic highlights how real-time queue analytics can help keep an eye on key performance indicators that impact your customer flow, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability. It also outlines available technologies and how they each impact the management of your queue.

Intelligent queue management is lauded for the powerful real-time information it is able to provide. Our infographic breaks down the key points. Check it out here and feel free to use the embed code below to share it on your own blog or website.
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Infographic Reveals Why Businesses Should Invest in the Customer Experience

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Zendesk, a company providing a unique approach to customer service and help desk support by focusing on customer engagement that enables businesses to strategically and effectively “listen, respond and delight their customers,” released an infographic that valuably highlights why businesses should be investing in the customer experience.

The infographic does more than just explain why “good experiences grab customers.” It also reveals the top reasons why customers switch brands and how the “power of persuasion” rests in the hands of trusted sources not advertising. Trusted sources include family members, colleagues and friends.

Although Zendesk focuses on exceptional support systems for customer service their concept can be applied to the whole customer experience. If word of mouth is the most trusted source for product and service reviews and referrals, then managing the customer experience from start to finish should be at the top of any business’ list of priorities. Special attention should be paid to the waiting line experience as retailers and service providers often lose and retain customers based on this critical aspect of the customer’s journey.Continue Reading