3 Ways to Trigger Impulse Sales with Store Fixtures

Customers in your checkout queue are your captive audience. You have their time and their attention. Why not also have a share of their wallet? There is perhaps no better time to present your customers with products that will entice their spending impulse and capitalize on their intentions than in the queue. And there’s only one thing you need more than the right products to facilitate the process. You need the right store fixtures.

Merchandising in the queue increases impulse buying up to 400% but you need the hardware to make it happen. Bring store fixtures into any existing queue for versatile standalone merchandising. Bonus: By keeping waiting customers busy, you reduce perceived wait-times, too!

Here are 3 ways to trigger impulse sales in your queue with the help of store fixtures:

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7 Resolutions for a Better Queuing Experience in 2017

There’s nothing like a brand new year to assess what can be even better. As we gear resolutions toward quality improvements, it is essential to keep customers in mind. Shorter waits along with more interesting and convenient queues can turn the dreaded experience of waiting into an enjoyable one your customers appreciate. Improving your queue experience can also offer benefits related to efficiencies, maximizing sales, and even building customer loyalty. Below are seven resolutions to consider as you take your queue to the next level this year.

1.   Keep Customers in the Know

Known waits feel shorter than unknown waits. So don’t keep customers guessing about how long they’ll be waiting in your line. Whether you’re operating a virtual queue or your customers are standing behind a line of customers, let them know what the estimated wait time actually is. You can keep customers informed via signage placed in the line or through your mobile app or virtual queuing system. They might be surprised to find what looks like a 10 minute wait is really only 5. By keeping them from guessing, customers are less likely to overestimate how long they’ve been waiting or will need to wait, and are more likely to see their purchase through.Continue Reading

5 Queuing Solutions Your Customers Will be Thankful for

No matter what the location, long holiday queues can be the least enjoyable part of the whole season. By incorporating a few proven solutions, even with a big turnout you can keep your queue moving efficiently and keep your customers thankful and happy, maybe even coming back for more. Below are some ideas to create and maintain a positive customer experience throughout your queue.

1. Virtual Queuing

What could make your customer more thankful than being able to avoid the physical act of waiting line? Queuing technology today includes virtual queuing solutions where your customers can register for a place in your “virtual queue”, wait where they choose or continue shopping, and receive a convenient ‘call forward’ text or audible signal when it’s their turn to be served. With virtual queuing, customers avoid having to stand in line and gain more shopping or free time.

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