4 Clear Cut Ways to Keep Wait Times and Service Rates on Track

Customers will only wait so long. And service agents can only work so fast. So, what’s the formula for keeping wait times in check and service rates moving along at a productive rate? Even knowing that customers arrive at often unpredictable rates and transaction times can rise and fall in often unpredictable ways, you can optimize your success with the right analytics at your fingertips. When it comes to queuing, footfall analytics can provide the insight you need.Continue Reading

Queuing for the Entertainment Industry: 4 Ways to Keep Guests Engaged

In the era of social media, customer reviews impact all businesses. Event venues, sports stadiums, museums, performance centers, theme parks, and other entertainment businesses are not exempt. In these venues, there is a high bar to reach when it comes to the guest experience and a high price to pay for a poor one. After all, the entire reason guests come to venues like these is to be entertained. When that experience is bogged down with poorly managed crowds, slow-moving queues, or a disorganized flow of foot traffic, the desire to return is diminished and a poor review can have far-reaching consequences.Continue Reading