6 Queue Management Technologies Every Business Should Consider [Infographic]

A recent study found that half of all customers will avoid a business if they have to wait too long. Thus, the successful management of your queue can translate directly into the success of your business. Today’s technology is available to help you create efficiencies, to enhance the customer experience, and to monitor what is working or not, so your queue can work well for your business and your customers.

Queue management technologies have the built-in power to lower wait times, increase staff productivity, and even rid your business of a physical waiting line. Our newest infographic highlights 6 of our favorite technologies, showing how they work and why you should consider integrating each into your queue.

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Introducing the Queuing Technology Solutions Buyer’s Guide

queuing technology solutions

When it comes to queue technology, how often do you find yourself wondering where to start and what to choose to best meet your business needs?

Not only does your technology need to support the infrastructure of your business, it’s also often important to integrate technologies your customers can conveniently understand and put to use. This challenge applies to every business area, including queue management. Today you can cross at least one challenge off your list. For with our latest queue management resource, The Queuing Technology Buyer’s Guide, choosing the right queue management technology solutions is easier than ever.

This guide lays out a wide selection of queue technologies, explains how they each work along with the business problems solved, what purchase considerations to weigh, and how the technologies can integrate together to provide complete solutions for your queue management needs.

Do you desire any of these results?

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • A more pleasant waiting environment
  • Engaged customers
  • An increase in service efficiency
  • Decreased perceived wait times
  • Lower average wait times
  • Dispersed crowds
  • An increase in impulse purchases
  • Customers arriving for service when you are ready to serve them

You can confidently choose the right technologies to optimize the performance and experience of your waiting lines and achieve the results you seek with the help of our latest Buyer’s Guide.

Top 7 Tech Tools for Queue Management Today

Intelligent and efficient queue management is a must for quality customer service today. The queue is the ‘final say’ or the last impression made before a customer walks out the door. And it’s often the first thing remembered when considering a return visit. Rather than a necessary evil, this aspect of the customer experience can be a win-win. With technology integration, today’s queue can be completely transformed into a streamlined, efficient system that meets customer needs on many levels.

Check out our top 7 picks for the top technologies to manage your queue today:

1. Virtual Queuing

With virtual queuing, you can basically eliminate the “wait”, allowing your customers to make use of their waiting time however they choose. Customers can use their desktop or mobile devices, or in-store kiosks to register for their place in line or change their appointed time, which allows for choice, flexibility, power, and control – all benefits customers appreciate. Staff can also manage resources to meet customers’ needs as the virtual queue provides visibility into upcoming traffic well before a line at the register would.

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