6 Signs of Effective Queue Signage

effective queue signage

In designing an intelligent and effective queue system, signage plays a key role. Whether digital or fixed, signage not only informs customers, but it also directs, engages, invites, and compels customers to move or act. Effective signage can make the difference between a relaxed customer enjoying the shopping experience or a confused, stressed out customer who leaves disturbed or even abandons a purchase. Below are the fundamental ‘signs’ that your signage is up to par:

1.   Proper Placement

To be effective, signs need to appear at a height and location that will serve customers when and where they are ready for information. Demographics and analytics can help to determine the footfall patterns and timing of shopper trends. Furthermore, what goes on the signage is similar – information needs to pair with business goals for a particular avatar/customer. Convenient surveys, A/B testing and/or analytics can verify assumptions to maximize success with specific communication goals.

2.   High Quality

It’s worth the investment to impress customers with quality equipment and content. Signage and messaging that are good looking, well written, engaging, and relevant can capture and hold attention and will create a positive experience and enhance brand core values. Alternatively, low quality signage or content can leave a customer thinking that’s what they can expect from the products and services as well. Don’t make the costly mistake of going cheap. Quality signs are the mark of a quality company.

3.   Fresh Content

As fast as current events and trends are changing, so too does your content need to change – both what is on the signs and where they are. If return customers see the same displays or signage time and again they can expect that your offerings are also old news. Change those signs frequently for interest, and also to let your customers know they don’t know what to expect – except to keep expecting more.

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Strategies to Manage Extra Long Waiting Lines

airport queue

A long line at the grocery store is one thing, but a long line at an airport or an amusement park is a whole other monster. Businesses or organizations tasked with moving hundreds or even thousands of people through a queue efficiently, safely, and enjoyably are familiar with the many challenges. Here are a few of our top strategies for dealing with extra-long lines:

1. Keep expectations in check.

When people know how long they’ll be expected to wait, they’re more likely to tolerate the wait. Presenting people with an estimated wait time at the start of the queue sets the stage for a far more patient customer encounter.

2. Make the line look inviting.

A long, unorganized line is easy to walk away from and can feel far more stressful to the people standing in it. Use sturdy queue management products to create a clear entrance and easy-to-follow pathway from the beginning to the end of the queue.Continue Reading

Holiday Queuing: Top Preparedness Tips

customer experience

It’s already November. In the retail industry, there’s a lot to think about, consider, and plan for this time of year – in particular, Black Friday, which is when the best sales and promotions see the light of day, and stores have long lines reflecting such deals.

Even in the midst of a not-so-stable economy, retailers are still able to attract customers and drive traffic to their stores on this shopping holiday. It’s those specials and promos that draw the people, and with crowds come safety considerations. How can retailers successfully handle the influx of shoppers so that the busiest shopping season of the year is both safe and profitable?

The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Effective Crowd Management Guidelines report is a great source of information on crowd management, offering tips and suggestions to retailers for maintaining the safety and security of their customers, employees, and store, especially in the potentially volatile queue.

Be proactive.

The NRF reports that retailers agree the top priority in event planning is safety, and the best way to keep customers, associates, and security personnel safe is by being proactive and thoroughly preparing for special events. Will your existing queue be able to handle the holiday excitement and numbers? If you’re not sure, it may be time to consider a new queue configuration.Continue Reading