What Should Your Queue Management Dashboard Look Like?

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Queue management requires you to juggle many variables. Not only do you have to keep your customers happy while they wait, but you also have to optimize the queue in ways that benefit your business most. How do you do this when there are so many other tasks that demand your attention on any given day? The answer may lie in having the right dashboard.

Like the dashboard on a vehicle, indicating how fast you’re driving, how much gas is left in the tank, and when the vehicle needs service, a queue management dashboard delivers key metrics to help managers understand the state of their queues and how best to maintain acceptable wait times, adequate staffing, and overall productivity.

Assuming you have the technology in place to capture KPIs in your queues, that data should be delivered to you in an easy-to-access dashboard. Here’s what you should see:Continue Reading

2015 State of Waiting Line Management Report

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We are pleased to announce the official release of the 2015 State of Waiting Line Management study. The report highlights findings on what businesses are doing to manage their waiting lines and improve customer service.

The 2015 State of Waiting Line Management report offers unique insight into the queuing practices of 125 companies representing over a dozen different industries. It delves into how these companies approach merchandising, manage productivity, and improve customer satisfaction in the queue and how they plan to change in the months ahead.

Key findings include:Continue Reading

[Slideshare] How to Use Technology to Improve Your Waiting Lines

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68% of customers have left a business because they don’t feel cared for (according to Rockefeller Corporation) and U.S. businesses lose an estimated $83 million in sales every year because of poor customer experiences (according to a Genesys Study). So it’s easy to understand why businesses are focused on optimizing efficiency and improving the experience throughout the customer service lifecycle. The waiting line can be a critical point along this journey. Kinks can easily disrupt or halt an otherwise positive customer experience.

Our latest slideshow presentation offers top practices and compares technologies that can help you better manage your queue. You’ll discover how companies across industries – from transportation to retail to amusement parks – are using intelligent queue management and learn how to build a business case for your own adoption of technology.

Check out the slideshow here: