3 Tips to Prevent Tempers from Igniting in Your Waiting Line

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Fireworks are made to be ignited on the Fourth of July. But in the busy summer months, where weary travelers line the security gates at airports, customers wait in the zig-zagging lines of amusement parks and movie theaters, and shoppers clamor for the last of the ripe avocados for their summer picnics, the last thing you want is for tempers to ignite in your queue.

We’ve all experienced that torturous waiting line where we stand surrounded by hot, tired, and grumpy travelers, shoppers, or park-goers whose tempers flair at the sight of a long line. Even though some lines cannot be prevented, it’s amazing what good management of customers’ expectations, staffing, and queues can do to temper ill feelings.Continue Reading

4 Signs Your Queue Needs an Update

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Once a queue has been set up, it still needs to be maintained. There are many elements that are responsible for making a queue operate seamlessly, or fail spectacularly. Design, organization, staffing, signage – each piece of the puzzle should be thoughtfully considered and monitored in order to keep customers happy and keep the line moving. Here are four signs that make it clear your queue is in need of some TLC.

1. Upset customers

The last thing any business wants is disgruntled customers. A poorly designed or mis-managed queue can create unhappy customers in an instant. Do customers complain about the line being too long? Are they confused about where to enter the queue, where to exit, and where to wait? Are customers irritated because they feel like they have to search for a better, shorter, or faster-moving queue? It’s time to consider how your queue is put together and determine what elements need to be removed – or added – in order to keep your customers happy and loyal.Continue Reading

Your Intro to the Heart of the Qtrac iQ System

qtrac iq

Qtrac iQ® powered by Qmetrix is the latest in intelligent queue management, and at the heart of it is the Beltrac® stanchion that has set the standard in public guidance and queue management year after year. We’ve taken the Beltrac stanchion that you know and love and integrated a powerful intelligent queuing system inside it. With the Qtrac iQ system, managers are able to monitor, measure, and manage their queue in real-time, streamlining their jobs, and ultimately delivering a better queuing experience to the customer.

To better understand how how Qtrac iQ works, let’s take a look at the heart of the system, the Beltrac intelligent post:

Beltrac® Pedigree

Tried and True. The Qtrac iQ system utilizes the same Beltrac stanchion that you’ve trusted for years, featuring a one-piece extrusion, embedded mechanism, slow-retracting belt, and a universal belt end. There is no need to revamp your entire queue as the Qtrac iQ post seamlessly integrates with your existing queuing system.

Dual Infrared Sensors

This is where the magic starts. The Beltrac intelligent post features dual infrared-based beam break technology, which means there is no need for an opposing receiving post or a reflector for the system to work. People are sensed and counted directionally (that’s right, you can tell when a customer leaves your queue prematurely) with over 95% accuracy.Continue Reading