Why Empowering Store Associates is the New Customer Experience


Customer experience has been the name of the game for quite some time. “It’s all about the customer experience!” has been the battle cry of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, and perhaps most notably in retail. And we absolutely agree. The technologies and solutions you employ should be designed with an eye toward your customers and the experience they have navigating your store or facility environment, and especially your queues.

But customer experience is ALSO about the store associate experience. Why? Because when you empower store associates (or any service employee for that matter) to be more efficient, productive, and engaging with customers, you can immediately impact the customer experience.

So, how can store associates become more empowered in terms of service delivery? Here are some ideas:

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The Internet of Things and Your Queue: Pulling it Together


The Internet of Things (IoT) promises an interconnected web of data, communication, and devices. The question is, are the solutions you’re relying on in each of these three areas truly connected? Or are they a patchwork of technologies, each promising value but none delivering the complete answer you need to optimize productivity, boost labor efficiency, and empower associates?

It’s one thing to be connected as the IoT promises. It’s another to put that ‘connectedness’ to work in a seamless and productive way to create real value in your business.

When it comes to queue management, here are three qualities to look for as you put the IoT to work for your business:

1. Accurate data collection

It’s not enough to generally estimate how many people move through a space on a given day. You need more precision to create a quality customer experience – you need to understand the customer’s actual experience.

Sensors or other people counting technology should provide highly accurate counts, even in environments with changing light or temperature as well as in irregular-shaped or complex spaces with structural impediments. Sometimes you need to count from various angles or set a few sensors in a path and stitch the counts together seamlessly to accurately track the customer’s journey.

Further, know that employee traffic in a space can confuse the data, so you want to choose a system with the ability to detect staff from customers without stepping over any privacy concerns. Make your data count by selecting technology that gives you reliable, accurate information.Continue Reading

Putting Data to Work for a Better Queuing Experience


Across industries, customer data has grown to the point where it’s now a commodity. Many businesses find themselves inundated with data but struggling to find a way to make sense of it and, even more importantly, to act on it.

“The truth is, having a lot of data doesn’t mean a thing. The key to really great analytics is insight. And that’s where a lot of organizations miss the mark.” – Mark DeMeo, AAJ Consulting

For it’s one thing to capture data, but that data becomes an entirely different tool when you can efficiently put it to use. The way forward is through solutions that translate data into real time actions you can take.

Let’s see how this applies to your queue management:
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