Mobilizing the Service Queue for a Better Customer Experience

mobile queuingAs businesses strive to more deeply connect with customers and provide a better service experience, it’s no secret that many are turning to mobile technology. Beyond the optimization of mobile websites or even mobile payment applications, mobile technology can improve the shopping experience across all touchpoints. In fact, many are calling mobile the defining trend of 2013 because of its ability to smooth the line between online and offline environments and facilitate a true omni-channel experience.

One area where mobile is making an impact in retail and service environments is in the waiting line. Here, virtual queuing technology is helping businesses connect with their customers through multiple channels – the web, mobile apps, text messaging, and kiosks and digital signage.

Our own QtracVR system uses the internet, mobile apps, or interactive kiosks to enable customers to register for in-store services, such as product returns or technical support. Customers are then free to shop or relax while waiting for service. The system updates customers with estimated wait times and promotional information via mobile phone text messages and in-store displays. When it is a customer’s turn for service, an agent uses a mobile app to text the customer with a message to come to the desired service area.

The benefits of “mobilizing” the service queue are many:

Disperse waiting crowds.

disperse waiting crowdsA frustrated crowd is undesirable for any service environment. With virtual queues enhanced by mobile technology, customers can stray from the point of service to do more shopping, run errands, or put their feet up while they wait.

Create a pleasant environment.

create a pleasant envitornment

Long lines can be cumbersome and annoying to stand in. Everyone is happier when they’re able to break away from the typical, tedious waiting line and receive better and faster service at the same time.


Maximize customer flow and service efficiency.

maximize customer flow

Virtual queuing facilitated by mobile improves customer flow and makes agents more efficient. Customers are notified via their mobile device or in-store display when a Service Agent clicks the service button on his PC or tablet-based dashboard. Customers can also reply via text message to be automatically “re-queued” if they aren’t quite ready to checkout.


Increase sales.

increase_salesA virtual queue offers more opportunities for customers to shop, which naturally increases impulse shopping. With mobile integration, businesses can also push out promotional messaging to the customer’s mobile device, further encouraging impulse purchases.


Decrease perceived wait times.

wait timesRemoving the physical waiting line and allowing customers to relax, continue shopping, or otherwise occupy their time can ease the mind and pass the time. Customers spend less time worrying about how long they’re waiting and more time getting things done or relaxing the time away.


It all adds up to a better customer experience.

As you strive to more deeply connect with customers and provide a more enjoyable service experience, mobile is bound to play a role. Using this defining trend alongside virtual queuing to eliminate a common source of tension can return dividends in the form of increased service efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.


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the Author
Perry Kuklin is the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Lavi Industries, a leading provider of public guidance and crowd control solutions.