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A New Way to Approach Facility Maintenance [Video]

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Studies show that dirty or poorly-maintained facilities turn customers away and lead to negative word of mouth. It pays to invest in maintaining your restrooms, eating areas, and other facilities for optimal cleanliness. But doing so can be a real drain on a wide range of resources—time, money, cleaning products, water, and staffing.

Enter Qtrac iM intelligent facility maintenance.

Qtrac iM is the easy-to-use and affordable demand-driven system that optimizes your maintenance resources by sending personnel where they’re needed and informing maintenance personnel when cleanliness falls out of an acceptable range.Continue Reading

Passenger Safety: 3 Age-Old Problems Solved by Innovative Solutions

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There are plenty of potentially hazardous situations that transportation-focused operations must account for as they guide passengers through the journey from departure to arrival and back again. Many safety-related issues involve age-old problems that, until now, have never quite had the perfect resolution. Here are a few:

Problem: An upswing in passenger arrival rates.
A large influx of travelers arriving at the same time is an inevitable situation at airports. When a sudden increase in passenger arrival rates cause lines to back up into other areas of the terminal, the resulting congestion can limit access to concessions as well as cause safety concerns. Keeping travelers organized and out of the way as they wind through the terminal can be a daunting task.Continue Reading

Mobile POS and the Customer Journey: Have You Thought It Through?

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The market for mobile POS is clearly growing. Chain Store Age reports that, according to a new study from IHL Group, “mPOS: Houston, Do We Have a Problem?” 78 percent of retailers plan to make a new mobile POS decision by mid-2016. That’s a significant number.

The question is, have you thought through how mobile POS might impact other areas of the customer experience?

Jump on the mPOS Bandwagon – with a Plan

Retailers are adopting mobile POS in droves, but those who end up succeeding are the businesses that think about mPOS in the context of the entire customer journey, from the time customers enter the store, to how they shop, to how they find their way to the right checkout “line” or “roving cashier” once they’re ready.Continue Reading