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How Digital Signage Can Positively Impact In-Queue Impulse Sales

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Digital signage can be a real difference maker when it comes to influencing point of purchase or in-queue sales. A FedEx Office study found that nearly 7 in 10 customers purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. And compared with other media messages like online banners (3 percent), magazines (21 percent), and television (32 percent), Nielson reports that digital signage trumps them all at a 52 percent recall rate.

When it comes to your waiting lines, we contend that digital signage can play an especially powerful role. Here’s how:

1. Digital signage can increase product awareness

With so much competing for their attention, it’s easy for customers to overlook the cool new gadget you’ve placed in the queue. Signage can help draw attention and awareness to an otherwise passed-over product.Continue Reading

How to Run an A/B Split Test on Your Front-End Merchandising

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How do you know if your front-end merchandising plan is working? You test it, of course. You can eyeball the queue to see what merchandise is drawing customers’ attention, and you can of course review sales data to measure the popularity of various items, but there’s another way to get the job done: A/B split testing.

What Is A/B Split Testing?

A/B split testing is a method used to test one idea or strategy against another to determine the “winning approach.” It’s an ongoing process of elimination that strives to achieve the highest possible outcome for a given objective. In the case of front-end merchandising, you can use A/B split tests to find that ever-elusive “waiting-to-selling” sweet spot.Continue Reading

How to Maximize Impulse Sales in the Queue [Infographic]

maximize impulse sales

You know that the best place to capitalize on customer downtime is while they’re waiting in the queue, but how do you create a merchandising plan that truly maximizes impulse sales in this crucial location?

Rather than focusing only on the merchandising aspect of the waiting line, it’s important to approach the queue as a whole. If a queue looks too long, disorganized, or daunting in any way, you could easily lose customers, which means any chances of impulse sales are dismantled.

To create a streamlined and profitable queue, you have to consider the formation of the queue (single vs. multi-line, for example) and the elements with which you’ve outfitted the line, like stanchions, signage, belts, or merchandising panels. From there, you can determine where your best merchandising opportunities lie and what accessories will serve your queue best. Is a post-top merchandising bowl going to be more effective on the corner of your queue, or is that a better place to begin a merchandising wall with baskets and shelves? The right merchandising system can turn your queue into a profit center.Continue Reading

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