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The Social Benefits of In-Store Shopping


Today’s brick-and-mortar stores can be criticized for certain aspects of the shopping experience that can easily be avoided by shopping online. Such criticisms include long waiting lines and wasted time, but many professionals will argue that brick-and-mortar stores have plenty of tools and strategies available to eliminate the negative aspects of the in-store experience and accentuate the positives.

One such strategy is capitalizing on the social benefits associated with the in-store shopping experience. Peter O’Toole, CEO of Retail Merchandising Services, wrote in RealBusiness about how for many shoppers, the shopping experience is more than just a task in which they seek products and purchase them; it’s a social experience, an opportunity to spend time with their friends and build relationships.

3 relationships commonly found at a brick-and-mortar store:

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Comic-Con, Crowds, and Queuing: All Part of the Experience

crowd control

Last month, fans flocked to the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con International 2014, filling the facility to capacity as well as spilling out into the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, various hotels and other designated locations.

With such a large number of people – over 130,000 making it the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the world – you can expect there were great crowds and many extensive waiting lines throughout the four-day event. But to these enthused attendees, waiting with fellow Comic-Con goers was all a part of the attraction.

Why pay to wait?

For Comic-Con, crowd means community. While attendees queued for close-up looks at esteemed artists and collectibles, the possibility to buy limited-edition toys, and the chance to view the weekend’s popular film and television presentations, the real charm came from each attendee’s ability to indulge in a unique community of fandom – a real sense of camaraderie.

Many attendees took full advantage of the ability to network. It is the industry’s event of the year to make valuable connections especially for the likes of designers and artists. If it weren’t for the sheer number of people attending the event, those connections would be nonexistent.

Strategic and fun crowd control

Fans traveled from near and far, dressed up in elaborate costumes, and created a unique four-day metropolitan region that could likely be found on the pages of a fantasy or science fiction manuscript. To accommodate these visitors, the event strategically placed venues and attractions around the convention center in a way that provided both crowd control and much-awaited photo opportunities and other activities.Continue Reading

The “Drama” of Waiting in Line

I think the flight is running late

Waiting in line is part of our everyday lives. So much so that it was featured in a play, “The Queue” by Lucky Plush Productions.

The production captures an individual’s potential to face trials, rivalries, and even form relationships while waiting in line at an airport security checkpoint. While the play itself may have taken the reality of an airport queue to the extreme, there is truth in what a waiting line can bring to your life ranging from frustrations to friendships.

Life does indeed happen while you are waiting in line. Your feelings are real. Your emotions are real. And they can affect your demeanor for the rest of the day while solidifying your decision to come, or not come, back to this specific queuing location.

Since your customers’ lives do not pause simply because they have to wait in your queue, try focusing on providing an uplifting experience that not only puts them in a good mood, but escalates your chances of increasing impulse sales, gaining repeat customers, and receiving glowing recommendations.

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