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5 Essential Queuing Products for Retail Checkout Lines


Here at Lavi Industries we’ve helped literally hundreds of retailers plan their approach to the checkout line. Along the way, we’ve seen many things that work and some that don’t. While we can’t say there is a single formula that will work for every single retailer, there are a few products that, almost without fail, prove essential to the success of the retail checkout line.

1. The Stanchion

The often overlooked stanchion is actually the foundation for the most effective queues. It is extremely versatile, and is equally at home forming the pathways of a queue as it is trumpeting a branding or wayfinding message via an attached sign frame or banner. Stanchions are a staple in retail queue configurations. Various post heights and base options provide the flexibility to create multiple queue designs that can expand and retract with the flow of your customers.

Beltrac stanchions are designed to accept brackets, hinges, and other attachments that effectively display products to maximize impulse sales in your checkout line. For example, you will find specialized merchandising panels, banner stands, and signage systems that seamlessly integrate with these queuing posts.

2. Merchandising panels

Merchandising panels provide the backdrop to create profitable merchandising displays. Two popular merchandising panels include hinged slat wall panels and grid wall panels.

Slat wall panels are light weight, easy to clean products that are ideal for capitalizing on the convenience and effectiveness of a portable merchandising system. Seamless compatibility with other merchandising queue equipment, such as retractable belt stanchions, makes these panels fully functional.

Grid wall panels are comprised of an open grid that adds an uncluttered feeling to your queue that will leave customers feeling relaxed and un-cramped. Additionally, these panels provide maximum mounting surface area for such merchandising items as hooks, shelving, baskets, and display trays.

3. Entrance signage

Provide a clear cue to the queue. Specialized sign frames are designed to mount on top of your crowd control posts and hold paper media for clear, simple, instructive signs that point customers in the right direction.

Many of the sign frames available are offered in various size and color options so you can select the perfect fit for your queue.

4. Merchandising accessories

Merchandising accessories include baskets, hooks, and shelving that effortlessly integrate with your merchandising stanchions and panels. These easy-to-install solutions create beautiful and effective merchandising displays specifically designed to increase impulse sales.

5. Post-top merchandising bowls

Merchandising bowls that attach directly to a stanchion are one of the most effective ways to maximize floor space while creating greater merchandising options. These inventive bowls will turn your queue into a profit center by conveniently displaying select impulse merchandise.

These bowls are also very versatile with the ability to attach to more than just a post. Try them on top of merchandising panels in acrylic or wire options. There is a bowl, or multiple bowls, to perfectly and profitably accessorize your queue.

The success of your queue is essential to your retail business. Take full advantage of the ability to maximize functional floor space with the right in-queue merchandising products. Small changes can make a huge difference.

5 Signs You’re Ready for Queue Management Technology

queue management technology

Technology is engrossed in every aspect of business operations, and for retailers and service providers this includes the queue. Queuing technology promises greater efficiency and productivity but the big question for businesses is, how do you know if you’re ready to implement one of the many queue management technology solutions available?

Check for these 5 signals that you’re not only ready, but in need of a queue management technology solution:

1. You’re unable to predict backups in your queue before they get too long

If you are not prepared to handle inflows of customers, you could face severe bottlenecks and unnecessarily long wait times that can ultimately lead to very dissatisfied customers.

Having historical data on hand to show the busy times of the day, week, month, and year will help you make precise predictions for optimal service allocation and improved overall customer flow throughout your queue. The key to capturing this data is through queue monitoring technology that collects information accurately and in a timely basis.Continue Reading

10 Answers to Your Questions About Queue Management

customer experience

We talk to managers every day about the challenges they face across all aspects of the customer journey. Waiting line and queue management presents a unique challenge in that the experience of “waiting” can leave a lasting impression. A well-managed queue leaves customers feeling satisfied while a poorly-managed queue can quickly frustrate an otherwise positive experience.

Here we answer some of the most common questions we receive about queue management to help you create a more positive experience for your customers and better bottom line results for your business:

1. What factors influence my customers’ opinions of my queue/waiting line?

Certainly the length of the queue matters to your customers, but the physical length of the line is just part of the equation. A line may look long, but if it is clearly well-organized and people are moving quickly through it, that reality can trump the initial anxiety of seeing a snaking queue. Likewise, a line that looks short but appears unorganized or slow-moving will turn customers away. When it comes to queues, reality and perception combine to form a complete impression.

2. What can I do to help my customers get past the “pain” of waiting in line?

Not every business offers Texas BBQ or an NYC cronut, which means not every business can afford to make people wait in a long, slow-moving line. When people feel like they’ve been kept waiting for too long, frustration and annoyance sets in. Distraction (in-line merchandising, digital entertainment), communication (lights or call numbers and digital displays to efficiently call the next customer forward), and being attentive to customers’ needs (opening more service stations) can make your queue more tolerable and prolong the onset of frustration.Continue Reading