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Why We Love Virtual Queuing (And You Should, Too!)

Virtual Queue

There is no line with a virtual queue. No. Line. That alone should make people jump up and down with joy. There is no worrying that you picked the wrong queue. No chance of getting stuck behind the slow customer, the annoying customer, the customer with too much stuff or too many questions.

But beyond the obvious, there are plenty of other legitimate reasons to love virtual queuing. Here are several:

1. Increases service efficiency

With queues, some agents can have lengthy lines which keep them busy, while other agents have brief transactions that leave their station free and clear. Without a physical queue, service agent downtime is kept to a minimum. Customers are free to wait anywhere within the facility and agents are able to hail customers with a simple click of a button. The agent-customer engagement is constant, which also gets agents in the habit of working efficiently and keeping the “line” moving.

The greatest measure of service efficiency, however, comes from the ability to match a server to a customer. Connecting a qualified server to the right customer means whatever engagement or transaction follows will happen with maximum efficiency. If a customer registers for a particular service, they will be served by the agent who is best qualified to handle that issue.Continue Reading

Single Line or Multiple Lines: Which Should You Choose?


Studies have proven that a single-line queue leading to multiple servers is more efficient and results in less variation in the amount of time customers are kept waiting. Still, the single-line queue can appear daunting to customers who fail to understand that one longer line is actually a better bet than taking their chances with one of many lines.

So how do you know which formation is best for your business and your customers?

Assuming you have more than one cashier or agent, here are some considerations:

A single-line queue…

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What to Do With Your Captive Audience in the Queue

Virtual Queue

Customers who are waiting in a queue are a captive audience. They can be captivated by how slowly the line seems to be moving or by the fact that they’d much rather be doing something other than waiting. Or they can be captivated by something more positive and interesting. Obviously, as a business, you want customers to leave your store with the “positive and interesting” vibe, not the “slow and wasteful” perception.

One way to accomplish this is to follow the advice of Dr. Richard Larson, a.k.a. “Dr. Queue.” The renowned MIT professor has a set of queuing tenets and one of the tenets that best exemplifies how a business can capitalize on their customers’ time spent queuing is this: Occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time. Pretty simple and downright obvious, but what exactly can you do to occupy time in the queue?

Here are our three top recommendations:

1. Let them keep shopping

Sometimes customers get in the queue because they want to beat the rush, or they have a schedule to keep and must start wrapping up their trip. But that doesn’t mean they’re done shopping – in fact, many might wish they could shop a little longer.Continue Reading