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How to Prove the Value of Your Front End Merchandise Strategy

merchandising analytics

The effectiveness of your front-end merchandising strategy is determined by two overarching factors. First, the impulse sales generated by the merchandise itself. Second, the impact of your merchandise on customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

We have found that the second factor is often overlooked. Think about it: you have people waiting in line. They can be focused on the wait or they can be engaged in perusing your merchandise. An effective front-end merchandise strategy will help keep customers more engaged, and therefore more satisfied, while they wait.

To prove that both of these factors are working you need to be able to monitor and measure each.

How? Through the use of merchandising analytics that ties to your queue data.

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Why Fitting Rooms Should Try On Virtual Queuing

virtual fitting room

Fitting rooms can be an area of delight or misery, depending on a person’s state of mind, body image, finances, and whether they’re shopping alone or with company. While a retailer can’t do much about some of these factors, there are a few things retailers can enhance to encourage shoppers to stay put and try on.

One recent article from Retail Customer Experience suggests that a positively engaged sales associate can make all the difference in a person’s willingness to try on clothes in the store and to stay there until they find what they want. Virtual queuing for the fitting rooms can enhance this customer touch point even more.

What does virtual queuing have to do with the fitting room experience? Plenty. We’ve all seen retail stores that have fitting room lines snaking through racks, and those lines are made up of people who might have been wishy-washy about their potential purchase to begin with. All they need is one excuse – a way-too-long line – to bail. Virtual queuing eliminates the daunting physical line and engages a customer sooner rather than later so that they’re more inclined to spend time in a store knowing that their fitting room will be waiting for them.

Even if a store is busy, even if plenty of people are trying on clothes, the virtual queue can help ensure that customers get personal attention, and guaranteed access to a fitting room, without feeling stuck in a long line or rushed to shop to try to avoid a long fitting room queue.

The Appeal of the Reserved Fitting Room

Through virtual queuing, retailers can set aside a shopper’s place in line for the fitting rooms while they continue to shop so they’re not “turned off” by a queue when they’re ready to try on. A reserved spot in line can make the fitting room experience more enticing.Continue Reading

Your Intro to the Heart of the Qtrac iQ System

qtrac iq

Qtrac iQ® powered by Qmetrix is the latest in intelligent queue management, and at the heart of it is the Beltrac® stanchion that has set the standard in public guidance and queue management year after year. We’ve taken the Beltrac stanchion that you know and love and integrated a powerful intelligent queuing system inside it. With the Qtrac iQ system, managers are able to monitor, measure, and manage their queue in real-time, streamlining their jobs, and ultimately delivering a better queuing experience to the customer.

To better understand how how Qtrac iQ works, let’s take a look at the heart of the system, the Beltrac intelligent post:

Beltrac® Pedigree

Tried and True. The Qtrac iQ system utilizes the same Beltrac stanchion that you’ve trusted for years, featuring a one-piece extrusion, embedded mechanism, slow-retracting belt, and a universal belt end. There is no need to revamp your entire queue as the Qtrac iQ post seamlessly integrates with your existing queuing system.

Dual Infrared Sensors

This is where the magic starts. The Beltrac intelligent post features dual infrared-based beam break technology, which means there is no need for an opposing receiving post or a reflector for the system to work. People are sensed and counted directionally (that’s right, you can tell when a customer leaves your queue prematurely) with over 95% accuracy.Continue Reading