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How to Design Your Own Queue


So, it’s time to redesign your queue? Whether you’re opening a new business location or looking to upgrade your current queue, it’s important to understand the best practices of queue design. This is the place your customers will form lasting impressions about your business so it’s important to get it right.

You know your customers best, so queue design should cater to your customer demographic while also working seamlessly to provide good service. The queue is a means to an end, but it’s also all about the customer experience, and if their time in line is less than positive, then your business will feel the effects.

Here are some basic queue how-tos to keep in mind as you design your waiting line:Continue Reading

Is Mobile POS Really the Way to Get Rid of Queues?

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Earlier this year, Forbes contributor, Micah Solomon published an article highlighting the value of mobile POS systems as a way to eliminate checkout lines in retail and put the focus on the customer experience. He built his case by explaining first, waiting lines should be eliminated from retail entirely, and second, mobile POS systems can accomplish this.

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we absolutely recommend solutions that allow retail customers to avoid standing in a physical waiting line. However, we think that some retailers who adopt mobile POS may be missing the mark by failing to realize one important thing: Even with a system that enables customer service folks to roam throughout a store (Apple-style) and handle customer transactions, there is the potential for lines to form. These haphazard lines tend to look more like a crowd gathering than any sort of organized queue. And with this situation comes a number of unintended consequences.Continue Reading

The Upsides of a Great In-Queue Merchandising Plan [Infographic]

maximize impulse sales

A great in-queue merchandising plan offers two major benefits: your customers are kept engaged while they wait and your business captures more impulse sales.

When customers are left to their own devices when standing in your waiting line, they can easily become frustrated by the wait. With merchandising to focus on, people are more likely to stay busy and distracted from the wait at hand, and this will reduce the all-important perceived wait time. It’s how a customer feels while waiting in line that makes the difference in customer satisfaction, and if the wait feels tolerable then your merchandising is doing its job.Continue Reading

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