Virtual Queuing Transforms Customer Experiences Across Industries


Across a wide range of industries, virtual queuing technology can help take the customer experience from good to great by giving customers more freedom and power to do business with convenience and efficiency.

Freeing customers from waiting in a physical line adds direct and indirect value to the customer experience that can bond a customer to a brand, reinforcing a high-quality, loyal relationship over time. Internal “customers” (staff and stakeholders) can also experience benefits that make management more efficient and superior customer service more attainable.

Below are some examples of the value virtual queuing can add in various industries.Continue Reading

7 Aspects of a Positive Waiting Line Experience

waiting line experience

While waiting is inevitable, the pain of waiting is not. Customers form opinions about a brand all along the journey of their experience with the company. If they have a great experience leading up to the queue and a negative experience in the queue, this will likely be a lost customer. On the other hand, if the queue reinforces a positive experience, that customer can become a loyal one. The difference lies in some simple principles that connect with, empower, and nurture customers.

There are many reasons why a customer may ditch the line, but Rockefeller Corporation found that 68 percent of customers leave a business because they think it doesn’t care about them. Below are 7 aspects of a positive queue experience to help you make sure your customers know that you understand them, care about them and truly want to serve them in ways that work well for them.Continue Reading

5 Ways to Know for Sure if Your Queue System is Working

queue management

While each touchpoint you have with your customer is important, your queue (waiting line) represents a unique opportunity. Queue management significantly impacts customer satisfaction, which in turn impacts profitability and long-term business success.

The waiting line is where your customer must choose to stick with you in order to complete a transaction. Do they do it without a second thought? Do they do it with a smile? Do they come away feeling better about your business than when they entered the queue? Are your systems working for your customers, for your employees, for your bottom line? Do you know?

Today it’s critical to monitor and manage the health of your queues. Luckily, there is technology to automate this practice. Queue management technologies allow you to track queue activity, providing real-time and historical data to help you design and adjust operations to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue potential. But what queue performance indicators should you be monitoring?Continue Reading