More than an Annoyance: Are Long Lines a Threat to Security?


The recent bombings in Brussels have brought more than a little attention to airport security issues not related to physically boarding and occupying an airline, rather in the terminals themselves. According to a recent Washington Examiner article by Sean Higgins, anti-terrorism experts are declaring that “the crowds of waiting passengers caused by the need to check for weapons and bombs inadvertently creates its own terrorism target.”

The article suggests that terrorists are looking for mass casualty targets. If they can’t get on the plane, they seek out another approach, experts say. Airport terminals become a likely target. In fact, according to reports it appears the terrorists in Brussels showed no indication of boarding a plane at all. Their target was the terminal’s main area. “Public spaces seem to be their killing fields now,” according to Bill Jenkins, a terrorism policy expert with the Rand Corporation.

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10 Ideas to Solve Just About Any Queuing Problem


Every business is as unique as every waiting line. But there are some core challenges that every business faces. From maintaining queue integrity to keeping wait times in check, we’ve compiled some of our most popular queue management ideas to address the most common queuing challenges for you here:

Idea #1: Magnetic Base Stanchions

Magnetic base posts help create a semi-permanent but flexible barrier that is designed specifically for high-traffic venues that call out for a sturdy stanchion that won’t shift out of place. The magnet firmly attaches to a floor-mounted steel plate, keeping the stanchion in place until you’re ready to move it for cleaning or rearranging the queue.

Problem solved: Compromised queue integrity
When your queue perimeter or partition wall is continually challenged to maintain its integrity as customer traffic flows through, you need a strong base. You want to avoid core-drilling stanchions into the floor but seek the integrity and strength of a permanent solution.Continue Reading

5 Questions to Help You Craft Your Queue Management Strategy


The waiting line is an important part of any business in which customers must wait to be served. Therefore, the steps to create, sustain, and manage your queues are equally important. So, how do you go about forming a queue management strategy? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you have the right line formation?

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