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6 Products that Maximize Floor Space in Your Queue


Waiting lines are a necessary component of a shopping experience as they lead to final transactions and completed sales. However, retailers and other businesses will often view their queues or waiting lines as wasted floor space. This perception often gets worse with the consideration of adding merchandising displays or other strategic queuing products that threaten to eliminate even more precious space. But there really is no need to sacrifice floor space to build a customer-friendly and profitable queue.

To maximize the effectiveness of your queue while minimizing the required floor space, here are some of our favorite products:

1. Post-top merchandising bowls

This in-queue merchandising product is one of the easiest ways to conveniently display impulse merchandise to your waiting customers. They are compact. They are easy to install. And they do not take up any additional floor space in your queue because they sit right on top of your already installed posts.

Choose from acrylic bowls or wire baskets to best fit your store’s merchandising needs.

2. In-line tables

In-line tables are a sturdy and elegant way to make your customers’ waiting time productive. These sleek tables are designed to fit right between any two posts that already make up your waiting line with little extension outside the queue perimeter. The surface area created allows any necessary paperwork to be filled out before the customer reaches the point of service resulting in increased customer flow and decreased average wait times.

An additional benefit of in-line tables is that they can help keep waiting customers occupied making the perceived wait feel shorter and less burdensome.

3. Post-top signage

Post-top signage is a space-saving extraordinaire that enhances the customer experience by simplifying your queue. Patrons will easily find the queue entrance and effortlessly navigate through the waiting line to the point of transaction.

These strategically designed post-top sign frames accept regular paper media for ease of use. So, choose a swivel or fixed mount. Choose a size. Choose a color. And attach your sign right to your crowd control post for quick and easy queue effectiveness.

4. End cap signage

End cap sign framesare a flexible signage alternative that works seamlessly with your stanchions to show off media, advertising and other information in a crowd-pleasing and cost-effective way. Satin aluminum finishes, protective acrylic inserts and various sizes make these sign frames attractive space saving additions to your queue.

5. Corner shelves

Corner shelves help you maximize the merchandising area on the inside corners of your queue. Their unique design allows for the complete use of the inside corner area without having to stagger shelving or leave empty areas.

6. Signage panels

Signage panels are composed of sturdy frames that easily attach to crowd control posts and are designed to target and captivate waiting customers with strategic in-queue placement. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your merchandising display or extend your brand awareness, these retail sign panels allow you to physically shape your queue while communicating important messages to your customers. Signage panels are available in numerous sizes or can be custom ordered to fit your exact needs and obtain a crisp polished look.

Don’t let the fear of bulky merchandising displays or overbearing signage keep you from building your best queue yet. These products are just the start to making the most of your floor space while enhancing your customer experience through an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective waiting line.

3 Reasons Your Customers Hate Your Waiting Line

I think the flight is running late

It’s not hard to tell when customers are disgruntled in line. They’re the ones giving dirty looks, rolling their eyes, craning their neck for a better option, or even being quite vocal about the fact that the line they’re in is long, slow-moving, and really frustrating. But why do they hate the line so much? It’s a necessary evil and there isn’t much that can be done about it, right? Wrong.

There’s plenty that can be done to improve a queue – but first you have to acknowledge the problem and then identify what your customers dislike.

1. It’s not organized.

Whenever you think about the logistics of your business, it can help to put yourself in the place of a first-time visitor. You don’t want them to become a one-time visitor due to 1) lack of queues, 2) not being able to actually find the queue, or 3) finding the queue a chaotic mess.

When a line is disheveled, hard to find, or overcrowded, it becomes stressful to customers (and service agents dealing with the unhappy customers). Signage and stanchions are simple fixes to organizational issues. Use stanchions to form a line – and use plenty of signage throughout your establishment directing people to the queue, and signage within the line telling people where the entry and exit is. Electronic queuing methods like station lights and audio signals can also help keep the front-end organized and efficient.

2. It’s not fair.

Customers may select what looks like the shortest line and still end up waiting longer than the people in the lengthier queue next to them for many reasons. When the lines don’t look or feel equally distributed, a sense of unfairness rears its ugly head and it’s tough for customers to get over that feeling of being ‘slighted.’ When people feel like they’re jockeying for position in the shortest or fastest line, it may be time to retire the multiple-line queue and switch to a single-line queue with multiple servers to re-establish a sense of first come, first served fairness.

3. It’s boring.

It’s been proven by many a line expert that unoccupied time feels longer than unoccupied time. So give your customers something to do! You can offer in-line merchandising to give them the ability to continue shopping. Or you can entertain them with digital displays showing instructional videos, commercials, promotions, or even cartoons, news shows, or movie trailers, whatever gels with your business.

You really can make your waiting lines better and more efficient in both perception and reality. What will you do to make your waiting lines more enjoyable in the months ahead?

Why We Love Virtual Queuing (And You Should, Too!)

Virtual Queue

There is no line with a virtual queue. No. Line. That alone should make people jump up and down with joy. There is no worrying that you picked the wrong queue. No chance of getting stuck behind the slow customer, the annoying customer, the customer with too much stuff or too many questions.

But beyond the obvious, there are plenty of other legitimate reasons to love virtual queuing. Here are several:

1. Increases service efficiency

With queues, some agents can have lengthy lines which keep them busy, while other agents have brief transactions that leave their station free and clear. Without a physical queue, service agent downtime is kept to a minimum. Customers are free to wait anywhere within the facility and agents are able to hail customers with a simple click of a button. The agent-customer engagement is constant, which also gets agents in the habit of working efficiently and keeping the “line” moving.

The greatest measure of service efficiency, however, comes from the ability to match a server to a customer. Connecting a qualified server to the right customer means whatever engagement or transaction follows will happen with maximum efficiency. If a customer registers for a particular service, they will be served by the agent who is best qualified to handle that issue.Continue Reading