7 Resolutions for a Better Queuing Experience in 2017


There’s nothing like a brand new year to assess what can be even better. As we gear resolutions toward quality improvements, it is essential to keep customers in mind. Shorter waits along with more interesting and convenient queues can turn the dreaded experience of waiting into an enjoyable one your customers appreciate. Improving your queue experience can also offer benefits related to efficiencies, maximizing sales, and even building customer loyalty. Below are seven resolutions to consider as you take your queue to the next level this year.

1.   Keep Customers in the Know

Known waits feel shorter than unknown waits. So don’t keep customers guessing about how long they’ll be waiting in your line. Whether you’re operating a virtual queue or your customers are standing behind a line of customers, let them know what the estimated wait time actually is. You can keep customers informed via signage placed in the line or through your mobile app or virtual queuing system. They might be surprised to find what looks like a 10 minute wait is really only 5. By keeping them from guessing, customers are less likely to overestimate how long they’ve been waiting or will need to wait, and are more likely to see their purchase through.Continue Reading

Top 10 Queue Management Articles from 2016

queue management articles

Each year we review the most popular content from the year. This year, not surprisingly, the focus is on technology, especially virtual queuing, and customer experience. Revisit these top articles for some trendy (and effective) advice on superior queue management, especially which tech to integrate into your queue and how.

1. 10 Ideas to Solve Just About Any Queuing Problem

Every business is as unique as every waiting line. But there are some core challenges that every business faces. From maintaining queue integrity to keeping wait times in check, we’ve compiled some of our most popular queue management ideas to address the most common queuing challenges for you here:

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2. [Infographic] 6 Queue Management Technologies Every Business Should Consider

Queue management technologies have the built-in power to lower wait times, increase staff productivity, and even rid your business of a physical waiting line. Our newest infographic highlights 6 of our favorite technologies, showing how they work and why you should consider integrating each into your queue.

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Shop by Appointment? Consumers Say, Maybe So!


Customers today seem to be busier and more time-sensitive than ever. We live by our calendars and that includes figuring out exactly when we can fit in that shopping time. This may translate into a new realm for retailers as customers are starting to explore shopping with precision – that means by appointment.

Shopping “by appointment”–in other words, setting a specific day and time to arrive at a store to receive personal attention from a sales representative–can allow your customers to efficiently fit in shopping on their own time, by their own schedule, while receiving the personal attention they want. Think about how this might work in a jewelry store or when shopping for a new computer, television, or other high-ticket item.

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