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Why is Queue Management Technology in Demand?

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In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, it is imperative that businesses evaluate their organizations for ways to better anticipate customer needs, improve processes, and increase efficiency. Technology has been embraced across many areas of business management, operations, and marketing to meet these imperatives. As pressures continue to mount, attention on key areas of the customer experience beg for more attention.

Consider these statistics:

  • Rockefeller Corporation found that 68 percent of customers leave a business because they think it doesn’t care about them.
  • Businesses in the United States lose an estimated $83 billion in sales every year because of poor customer experiences, according to a Genesys study.
  • According to Bain and Co., a 5 percent increase in customer retention can increase profitability by 75 percent.

Queues (e.g. waiting lines and checkout lines) can have a major impact on customer satisfaction and therefore a significant impact on business outcomes.Continue Reading

Intelligent Queue Management: The Case for Caring [Infographic]

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There are many reasons to care about queue management. Your queue (or waiting line) is often the first and last interaction a customer will have with your business for a given transaction. The efficiency and organization of your queue sends a signal to customers about how much you value their patronage and it impacts the quality of their time spent waiting.

It has been reported that businesses in the United States lose an estimated $83 billion in sales every year due to poor customer experiences. On the other hand, companies with a high customer service rating are 12 times more profitable than their competitors, according to PIMS Strategic Planning Institute.

It really does pay to care about your queue.

Our latest infographic looks at how you can improve with intelligent queue management and queue analytics technology. Intelligent queue management gives your queue what it needs by monitoring key performance indicators and ensuring you are “in the know” when it comes to the flow of your waiting lines.

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Tying the Knot Between Mobile and the Customer Experience in Retail

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You can’t read anything in the retail press today without hearing the word mobile. Mobile is literally being integrated into all aspects of the retail shopper’s journey, from planning their shopping trips to comparing prices and checking product availability, to receiving personalized product recommendations and transacting payments via their mobile devices in-store.

For retailers, the question isn’t if mobile will become an integral piece of your strategy, it’s how fast can you bring it all together to deliver the in-store experience customers are looking for.

As you look to weave together your mobile strategy, you’ve got to consider the entire customer journey. From before a customer enters your store, to after they’ve left, to when they return again. One area where mobile has perhaps not had as much attention is its potential role in queue management. Managing the queues of retail, from dressing room waiting lines, to customer service queues, to checkout lines, is a big factor in a successful customer experience. Especially when you consider that many people would rather shop online or avoid shopping all together in order to bypass a poorly managed queue.

We are seeing mobile impact queue management in three key ways:

  1. Dispersing the waiting line. Mobile can allow for what’s known as a “virtual queue” in which shoppers can check in to a virtual waiting line, then continue shopping until they are called to line via a text message.Think about how this might apply to the dressing rooms at a busy clothing retailer. Shoppers can reserve their spot and rather than standing around idle (and potentially leaving as a result), continue to shop until they receive the text alert to proceed to the open room.

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