Queuing Across Industries – A Primer


Waiting lines and the process of waiting can make or break a customer’s impression of your business. It can easily become the difference between a one-time customer and a customer-for-life.

Virtual queuing is an approach to managing waiting lines that places customers in a simulated queue for service. In other words, there is no physical waiting line for customers to stand in. The technology provides a way to call customers to service in the right order while managing the entire service process and providing accurate approximate wait times to waiting customers.

More and more businesses across industries are turning to virtual queuing to reshape how customers wait for service.

Our latest resource, A Primer: Queuing Across Industries is designed to give you a glimpse into some of the ways businesses and organizations are using virtual queuing to eliminate the physical waiting line, decrease perceived wait times, and improve the customer experience. How can virtual queuing work for you? Read our Primer to find out.

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Virtual Queuing for Colleges & Universities


Waiting lines within busy college and university campuses create more than trying situations for students and staff alike. Registrar offices, health centers, and counseling offices can quickly become breeding grounds for disorderly waiting lines and concentrated crowds of students.

The challenges related to queue management often result in dissatisfied students, productivity hang-ups, and an inefficient overall use of administrative resources. Virtual queuing can change this experience for the better. Providing a simple, streamlined process effectively reduces, or eliminates, crowds, improves the quality of service provided, and reduces the costs associated with managing waiting lines.

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How to Leverage Virtual Queuing in Your Omni-channel Marketing Plan


Your marketing plan no doubt recognizes the many ways in which your customers will find and engage with you. Well, guess what? A true omni-channel experience doesn’t stop when customers reach your waiting line. In fact, the definition of “waiting in line” now extends across channels and can even begin before your customers reach your physical place of business.

This is where virtual queuing technology comes into play. Virtual queuing leverages technology to manage service queues and optimize customer flow by virtually placing customers into a queue for service, calling customers to be served, monitoring and managing customers and service allocation, and optimizing wait times and service efficiency.

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