Footfall Analytics Meets the Customer Experience


As a manager, you know that what gets measured can be managed. That’s why many businesses have turned to footfall analytics systems to track the influx, flow, and patterns of customer traffic on a day-to-day and seasonal basis. The data you can capture through footfall analytics is incredibly useful for future planning as you can identify opportunities for merchandising placement, better plan staffing schedules, etc., but the real power is when this data can be put to use in real time to directly impact the customer experience. Today’s footfall analytics systems can make this happen.

When you tie footfall data together with your overall queue management systems, you can consistently create a high-quality customer experience, no matter how much traffic is flowing.

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5 Queuing Solutions Your Customers Will be Thankful for


No matter what the location, long holiday queues can be the least enjoyable part of the whole season. By incorporating a few proven solutions, even with a big turnout you can keep your queue moving efficiently and keep your customers thankful and happy, maybe even coming back for more. Below are some ideas to create and maintain a positive customer experience throughout your queue.

1. Virtual Queuing

What could make your customer more thankful than being able to avoid the physical act of waiting line? Queuing technology today includes virtual queuing solutions where your customers can register for a place in your “virtual queue”, wait where they choose or continue shopping, and receive a convenient ‘call forward’ text or audible signal when it’s their turn to be served. With virtual queuing, customers avoid having to stand in line and gain more shopping or free time.

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Top Queuing and Crowd Control Tips for Black Friday and Beyond


Black Friday is almost here. Within a 24-48 period, you can count on some of the biggest and most enthusiastic crowds of the year. Shoppers historically pour out in droves early Friday morning (some even shopping on the holiday or camping out Thursday night). All are looking for the best deals of the season. Actual foot traffic reported in 2013 was more than 1.07 billion shoppers between Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. And according to the NRF Holiday Playbook, last year 68% of retailers showed Black Friday as the highest sales revenues for the year.

In busy times like these, it’s critical to keep crowds calm, managed, and moving. To maximize safety and sales it is valuable to go even one step further and do your part to keep shoppers happy. What if you could surprise your customers by losing the long lines and providing a controlled and efficient queue experience? What if you could make this year all about the score and much less about the wait?

Disperse the Crowd with a Virtual Queue

Virtual queuing is a fast track solution to keep customers happy and crowds dispersed. A virtual queue allows customers to check in at their convenience, spend their wait as they choose, and receive a convenient ‘call forward’ text or email to arrive when their service time is near. Virtual queuing is transforming crowd control as it prevents the crowd from forming in one place, and distributes both the crowd and the wait time in more productive ways.

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